Whether to evacuate the vehicle in the presence of the driver?

Evacuation of the vehicle in the presence of the owner is not made, so if a motorist came back to the car, discovers that his car was loaded onto a tow truck, he has every right to demand to return the car back.

However, a tow truck will still be a protocol on violation of traffic rules and will issue a receipt for the fine.

What to do if your car is damaged during the evacuation?

If the car has been damaged, the owner should not worry, as all actions evacuation vehicles are insured, so the damage will be compensated in the process of evacuation.

Note that before you take away the car on the car pound tow shall draw up the appropriate protocol and attach photos of the car, remembering to him whatever damage.

If in the process of transporting the car has received a new injury, the owner of the vehicle should also take pictures of them and call on the police car pound for the compilation of the relevant act. But to sign the act of receiving the vehicle should only be if the car was all right.

Note that if there is damage to the motorist should also inform about the incident the insurance company, which is then received and reimburse damages.

If the car is not insured, the assessment of the damage should entrust an independent expert, and then apply to the metropolitan evacuation asking compensate for the damage to the car. In most cases, the motorist will tow to the meeting, however, it has every right to take legal action in case of failure of the machine owner.