New Electric Volkswagen e-Golf hatchback 2016, prices and equipment

The new Volkswagen Golf 7 generation was introduced in September of 2012 at the Paris Motor Show, and for a year he managed to acquire a number of different versions, including the wagon, “hot” and “charged” version, as well as the economical Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion. And at the motor show in Frankfurt debuted an all-electric version of the hatchback called the e-Golf. This engine provides the Volkswagen e-Golf acceleration from zero to a hundred in 10.4 seconds (from 0 to the city 60 km/h in 4.2 sec.), And the maximum speed is limited to 140 kilometers per hour. Power reserve of the full battery charge varies from 130 to 190 km, depending on traffic conditions. Batteries represent a lithium-ion batteries located under the floor. Their weight is 318 kg (weight of electric batteries is equal to 1 510 kilograms), and a full recharge of the home network requires 13 hours. However, when using a special system of fast charging 80% of the capacity is recharged for half an hour. The standard equipment of the model included automatic climate control, navigation system, heated windshield stack and leather steering wheel. Sales of new items will start in spring 2014.

foto-e-golf-7_02-650x433 foto-e-golf-7_03-650x433

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