The electric coupe GT Zero from the studio Italdesign Guigiaro

At the Geneva Motor Show 2016, the premiere of a prototype electric GTZero, by Italian coachbuilder Italdesign Guigiaro. Working on the design of GT Zero, Italian experts have tried to reflect the features of the past and new prototypes created in the studio. Thus, the new body style reminiscent of Daewoo Bucrane 1999 onwards, and active flaps on the hood are sort of reference to Alfa Romeo Scighera 1997. Concept Italdesign GT Zero space frame is built on a carbon-fiber body panels and reaches a length, width and height of 4,918, 1,274 and 1,974 mm, respectively. The wheel base of the electric vehicle is 2875 millimeters. Curb weight – 1980 kg. Power plant model comprises three motors, two of which are located on the front axle, and the third – on the back. Their total capacity reaches 483 hp, and they are powered by a battery pack. When fully charged the last electric car is able to travel about 500 kilometers. Interestingly, for recharging the battery from the power from zero to 80% it requires only half an hour. The dynamics of acceleration Zero GT is still unknown, however, the concept of maximum speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h. Among other features worth mentioning Italdesign GTZero chassis and large 22- and 23-inch wheels front and rear, respectively. The instrument panel and center inside the car are large OLED-displays, the configuration of which is changed when the racing mode Pista ( “Track”).

foto-gtzero_03 foto-gtzero_02 foto-gtzero_01

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