At the auto show in Los Angeles in 2012, Chevrolet will present a modification of the compact electric hatchback Spark, has received a prefix to the name EV. The movement of the electric motor results in 130 hp, which is responsible for the power set of lithium-ion batteries. From zero to hundreds Spark EV is capable of accelerating a little over seven seconds, but the stock of its progress with a fully charged battery is not specified.
But we know that the new electric vehicle to recharge can be done in three ways.┬áThe other two options involve alternating current voltage of 240 and 120 volts. In this case, wait energy supplies will have about seven hours. External electric Chevrolet Spark EV can be recognized by a special body kit designed to reduce aerodynamic drag. The kit includes a special “skirt”, as well as the rear diffuser and spoyder.
Rounding out the picture of the special tires with reduced rolling resistance. Sales of the new Chevrolet Spark EV in the United States will start at a price of 25,000 dollars, which is almost exactly twice the price of basic modification five-doors.