The electric car Volvo will be a hatchback

Next year, Volvo will introduce its first ever electric car. And, strangely enough, it will not be a crossover, but a compact hatchback, created based on the concept of 40.2. Previously it was believed that the electric car Volvo would be a crossover.

But the concept 40.1 has degenerated into a compact crossover XC40, and the Swedes clearly do not want their first fully ecological clean model to be associated with a car that is sold in variants with conventional internal combustion engines. Also, this means that we can not wait for the fast replacement of the S40/V40. Rather it will be, but electric.

The electric car will be built on the same platform as the XC40. This CMA (Compact Modular Architecture), which Volvo developed in conjunction with the parent Geely. Actually, this platform was originally created not only for installing there conventional engines or hybrid power plants, but also electric motors with batteries.

Technical data on the future novelty yet. In Volvo only say that the power reserve of an electric hatchback will be about 500 kilometers. The main competitor of the Swedish electric car will be the Volkswagen ID

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