In Dubai, the serial Bentley Grand Convertible

British video blogger under the nickname Shmee150 was lucky to see the first copy of the Convertible Bentley Grand Convertible, which is currently in the largest dealer center of the brand in Dubai.

Bentley Grand Convertible 2018 is a commodity version of the same name concept, which was built on the basis of pre-reform sedan Mulsanne and presented to the public as early as 2014.

For the basis of the convertible located in Dubai, the updated Mulsanne Speed was taken, but, in comparison with the donor sedan, the wheelbase of the car was reduced to 5 475 mm (-100), while the angle of the windshield was increased by one degree.

As for the interior, its design almost completely repeats the interior of the source, except that because of the shortened wheelbase of legroom, the rear passengers are slightly smaller.

The soft roof of the cabriolet is stored under a large lid, which was made from a single piece of wood. According to representatives of Bentley, in no other modern machine there are such large wooden parts.

The Bentley Grand Convertible is driven by a standard 6.75-liter V8 engine with two turbines from the mentioned Speed version. Here he gives out all his 537 “horses”, the dynamic characteristics are not specified.

The Bentley Grand Cabriolet will be released by the 100th anniversary of the British brand, which the company will celebrate in 2019. The production of cars will be occupied by the court atelier Mulliner, the edition will be only 19 copies.

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