Dodge Viper received five farewell special versions

Dodge has introduced a special version just five Viper model. Modifications prepared for the 25th anniversary of the model, which will soon be removed from the conveyor. The basis of four of the five versions was taken track option the ACR, which results in movement of 8.4-liter V10 engine capacity of 645 hp, combined in a pair with a six-speed mechanics. With such a filling coupe accelerates from zero to a hundred in about 3.0 seconds. The first modification was called 1:28 Edition ACR is devoted to record American racer Randy Pobst, who in October 2015 passed on the track Viper circle on Laguna Seca track, laid in 1 minute 28 seconds. Total Dodge will release 28 of these cars. The second modification GTS-R Commemorative Edition. It is made in the style of the model Viper GTS-R GT2 Championship Edition 1998 onwards The body of the coupe painted white, along with his two blue bands marked. In addition, the modification also received an aerodynamic body kit with a massive rear wing, carbon fiber trim elements, as well as labels and nameplates with the name of special version. Circulation of the Viper limit 100 copies. The third special version called VoooDoo II. It is made in honor of the Edition coupe, is available in 2010. This Viper is painted black, and through the entire body of the car passes a silver band with red piping. Modification received an aerodynamic body kit and carbon brakes. Copies of this modification is limited to 31 instance. The fourth option Snakeskin Edition GTS. Unlike all other spetsversii this modification has no bodywork body kit with a large wing. It is reported that this car was built in honor of the eponymous machine 2010 onwards Body Dodge Viper Snakeskin Edition GTS is green with two black longitudinal stripes. Coupe received additional aerodynamic elements and executed in black interior. Total build 25 such machines, with the interior of each house a plate with the serial number. But the fifth modification called the “dealer”. Buy it can only be in one of two auto Texas and Illinois, which showed the highest results Viper sales model. This car is painted white with blue longitudinal stripes. It has advanced aerodynamic body kit and carbon brakes. Mintage is limited to 33 copies of the modification. Receiving orders for the above special model starts June 24, 2016, no pricing information.


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