New Dodge Charger 7 built on a sedan platform Giulia

The publication Automotive News reports that the next generation Dodge Charger will be built on a new platform, and will also receive a four-cylinder engine and will be noticeably lighter. Recall that the current sixth generation Charger built on LX platform, but the Americans are planning to abandon it in favor of Giorgio chassis that was developed by Fiat and is currently used in a sedan the Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Giulia. Change platform will reduce the weight of the model up to 1.6 tons, that is, the car will be easier to nearly 300 kg, while the length of the upcoming Dodge Charger 7 generation will continue to be about five meters. How to change the design model, it is still unknown. However, Dodge US dealers have already shown a preliminary design of the new the Charger, and, according to rumors, the car turned out to be similar to the concept of the model 1999, designed by chief designer Tom Gale Chrysler. The range of engines for the Dodge Charger in the new body will replenish the 2.0-liter “turbo-four”, which develops about 300 hp. The same engine and plans to equip the next generation Jeep Wrangler 4 . It is expected that the new generation Dodge Charger debut on the market in 2020, but until the change of generations of Americans plan to once again update the existing version of sedan. The restyling is planned for 2018.


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