History of a Dodge Charger dates back to the mid-sixties – then came the first generation of this model, which is a small two-door fastback. Two next generation Dodge Charger made this legendary car. Initially, the model turned into a stylish coupe, and in 1971 became a real Charger Muckle-car, disturbing the minds of many car enthusiasts to this day. After removing it from the production of the 1987 model for a long time it disappeared from the company’s lineup. 19 years have passed, and Dodge Charger back.
The discharge current Dodge Charger sedan is the sixth generation of this model – its debut in 2005. The car stands out with menacing looks almost vertically in front and a sloping roof that gives the silhouette strimetelnost which further emphasized the muscular rear wings and repeat them jumping window sill line. The base engine for the Dodge Charger LH is a 2.7-liter “six” power of 190 hp and a couple of her is another V6 with 250-impact forces working volume of 3.5 liters. Version Dodge Charger R/T is under the hood a 5.7-liter engine V8, which develops first 340 “horses” and was later boosted to 368. On top of the top-end version of the range is located Charger SRT8 with 425-strong “eight” HEMI of 6 1 l.

Updated Dodge Charger (LX).

In the fall of 2010, the manufacturer has extended the first official photos of the updated 2011 Dodge Charger, sales of which started in the United States at the end of the same year. Externally, the car got a new aggressive front bumper, modified several massive grille, hood with lines and unique tail lights (in the style of classic Charger 1969 issue) with 164 LEDs. For the car is now offered two petrol engines: a new 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar and 5.7-liter HEMI V8 version R/T. The first 296 forces and develops a maximum torque of 350 Nm, while the second gives 375 power and 536 Nm of thrust. This basic motor dispatched a modern 8-band automatic. But there is an opportunity to buy a model from the United States in the presence of or under the order. Depending on the year, and a technical stuffing, price Dodge Charger LX have an average of $54,000.

Updated Dodge Charger 2016.

It was expected that at the Auto Show in New York 2014 Dodge Charger sedan will debut a new generation, but in fact the manufacturer has demonstrated restyling version of the model of the current generation. The car has received a narrower grille, made in the style of the Dodge Dart, a new head optics with LED sections reissued bumper and revised tail lights, which got LED-elements. In addition to the updated Dodge Charger 2016 added two new variants of paint finishes and modification of R/T further schegoyaet new design 20-inch wheels and other spoiler on the trunk lid. According to the manufacturer, revision undergone almost all body panels sedan, although the profile of the car is not particularly changed. With regard to technology, the engineers made some improvements to the suspension tuning to improve the manageability of the model, but the gamma motor cars remained unchanged. Sales updated Charger start in the US until the end of 2014, the price will be announced later.

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