Dodge¬†Challenger debuted the third generation 6 February 2008 at the same time the motor show in Chicago and Philadelphia. Then, in the US it was estimated at 40,095 dollars, but after three days, all the cars were sold in the year ahead. Even before the start of production all models May 8, 2008, are designated as Limited Edition 2008 SRT/8, have sold 6 400 copies, and in August began production of the 2009 models. So Dodge Challenger, like a phoenix, risen from the ashes after a break of thirty. Dodge Challenger – this two-door coupe with a front engine and rear-wheel drive, occupies an intermediate position between the classes and car Pony car Muscle car. The latter include the charged version of the Dodge Challenger. Available Dodge Challenger in 1970, when it appeared the first generation, but it still attracts public attention, as the representative of timeless classics, like its competitors Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro. Dodge Challenger 3 – Hollywood star This iconic car has a versatile design as the model of the seventies of the last century that the main roles in the films in which he appeared to have been provided to him in advance. But not everyone is able to tame this “beast” even Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) out of “Fast and the Furious 5”, which was used in the filming of this vehicle, he admitted that this machine is it scary. At first glance it may seem that the body Dodge Challenger has the same form as in the good old days. The same roofline, false radiator grille, headlights and twin solid horizontal bar rear lights. But on closer examination it becomes clear that it looks more cumbersome and it does so because it is higher and longer than its predecessor.
Overall dimensions of the Dodge Challenger, mm .: length – 5020 width – 1920, height – 1 450, the wheelbase – 2 Dodge Challenger 950. Weight increased to 1 883 kg (about 227 kg more than the previous model). It can not be called “a rarity on wheels”, as it is equipped with various electronic assistant for the driver: navigation, keyless access system ‘Keyless Go’, a communication system UConnect, and airbags. The Dodge Challenger is based on a modified (shortened) platform Chrysler LC, also used in the Dodge Magnum, Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300. The version Dodge Challenger SE Rallye can be distinguished by a double band on the hood and trunk spoiler and carbon-fiber inserts in the interior. With this engine, “challenges” (as translated model) can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.0 seconds. Dodge Challenger RT, demonstrated there, equipped with a gasoline engine V8 Chrysler HEMI 5,7 l. capacity of 370 hp and is paired with a five-speed automatic transmission. In 2011, the market has a new Dodge Challenger RT with the engine Pentastar V6 volume of 3.6 liters. and a power of 305 hp The base model Dodge Challenger SE is equipped with powertrain Chrysler SOHC 3,5 V6. In 2009, the archaic four-stage automatic transmission was replaced with a five-speed. In 2011, to replace the Dodge Challenger SRT8 come Dodge Challenger SRT8 392. On it installed 392 HEMI V8 engine capacity of 6.4 liters. capacity of 470 hp Father drag racing Donald Glenn “Don” Garlits, known as “Big Daddy”, in 1964 on dregstere with this type of engine has exceeded the threshold speed of 321.8 km/h. Races in Bonneville with outstanding results is also not without engine 392 HEMI V8. Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 is available with a standard automatic transmission or manual transmission TR Tremec 6060, the same as at the Dodge Viper SRT10 2008. From zero to hundreds SRT8 392 accelerates in 4.0 seconds. To save fuel, its motor is equipped with HEMI V8-off half of the cylinders. Maximum speed SRT8 280 – 290 km/h, depending on the type of transmission. Interior Challenger SRT8 392 Dodge Leather-trimmed steering wheel with three spokes and in position 3,6 and 9 o’clock this diameter that conveniently fits in your hand. The trapezoidal instrument panel is finished with chrome. EVIC (Electronic Vehicle Information Center) displays all the necessary information for the driver. The seats in the 392 SRT8 equipped with lumbar support. The driver’s seat has a memory function. In 2010 it was released special edition Dodge Challenger Mopar Mopar company from the court cost of $ 38,000 c automatic transmission and $ 39,000 with manual transmission. It can be recognized by the air intake on the hood and the grille covered with “black chrome”. It features the same legendary HEMI V8 engine capacity of 5.7 liters. All 500 Dodge Challenger Mopar customers received a special certificate indicating the vehicle identification number (VIN), and a sketch of the car signed Trostlom Mark (Mark Trostle) – head of design group Chrysler Group. The racing version of the Dodge Challenger V10 Mopar Drag Pak shown in November 2010 at the annual SEMA, which takes place in Las Vegas, and the original Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 Yellow Jacket is now available to order in December 2011. At the Chicago Auto Show in 2013, fans have seen the model Dodge Challenger RT Redline 2013. Price Dodge Challenger RT Redline in 2013 will be $ 31 990 – $ 33 990. Now, fans of the brand can have the opportunity to own a modern classic. All models Dodge Challenger collected at the plant in Brampton (Brampton, Ontario, Canada).

Updated Dodge Challenger 2016.

At the motor show in New York in 2014, the premiere of the updated sedan Charger 2015 coupe Dodge Challenger 2015 model year. Externally, the latter has not changed very much – the car has received a different grille, retouched optics with LED sections, another hood and new tail lights. Also, the interior of the model equipped with a new steering wheel, re-registration of the instrument panel with a 7-inch TFT-LCD trip computer and other door panels. In addition, the Dodge Challenger coupe for 2015 became available Uconnect multimedia system with a 8.4-inch touch screen, rearview camera, adaptive cruise control and tracking system “blind” zones and prevent a frontal collision. The standard equipment of the top model includes modifications brakes Brembo, 20-inch wheels, and a system that allows the driver to change the settings and steering response of the accelerator pedal. Plus for a restyled version of the Dodge Challenger in 2015 was made available for a fee package Super Track Pak, which includes sports suspension, recustomized steering, upgraded brakes and tires Goodyear F1. Car sales in the US will start in the autumn of 2014, the price is not yet known. In May, the manufacturer presented the restyled Challenger SRT and masthead Challenger SRT Hellcat with an engine capacity of more than 600 hp.

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