Diesel sedan and wagon BMW Alpina D5 S 2018

The Bavarian company Alpina will present at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 diesel sedan and station wagon D5 S built on the new model BMW 5-Series G30 / G31. Outside the source, the machines differ only in other 20-inch wheels and the corresponding tags.
In the interior of Alpine D5 S 2018, a panel of virtual instruments has changed, which has received a proprietary blue backing. It is interesting that the company decided to abandon the “sports” design of the device, so in all modes the basic scales come with arrows. For additional payment, the client can order the interior trim with a gentle Lavalina leather.

Specialists Alpina finalized the 3.0-liter six-cylinder diesel, installing new pistons, intercooler, intake and exhaust systems, as well as three turbochargers. Plus, the cooling system was optimized, and to meet the Euro-6 standards, the Bavarians installed a urea neutralization system with a separate tank that accommodates 21 liters of AdBlue solution.
All this made it possible to squeeze out 388 hp from the engine, which means that the three-bladed diesel for the new Alpina D5s 2018-2019 is inferior to the factory 400-horsepower diesel unit of the BMW with four turbines, which is installed on the M550d and 750d modifications. But the maximum thrust of 800 Nm is reached here already with 1,750 rpm, while the four-turbine version produces 760 Nm at 2,000 rpm.
The sedan and wagon BMW Alpina D5 S in the new body are equipped with a reinforced eight-speed automatic ZF and have four-wheel drive. This “stuffing” allows the four-door to accelerate from one place to a hundred in 4.4 seconds, and the bar in 200 km/h car takes 17.0 seconds after the start. As for the station wagon, he needs 4.6 and 17.2 s for this, respectively.
Tuners from Alpine also abandoned the factory speed limiter, triggered at 250 km/h, so that the sedan is now able to gain 286 km/h, and the car – 283 km/h. Of the other features of the model, the Bilstein electronically controlled dampers deserve mention, while the station wagon also has a rear air suspension.
In Europe, orders for the BMW Alpina D5s 2018 have already started, the prices start at 87,900 euros. For a surcharge, the Sport Plus package is proposed, which includes the installation of active stabilizers and a steering gear of the rear wheels.

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