Detroit stolen BMW 7-Series price of 140,000 dollars

For representatives of BMW Auto Show in Detroit 2011 was more crowded than they might initially assume. According to local media reports, on Wednesday night at the hotel Westin Book Cadillac was hijacked brand new sedan of the BMW 7 series. The car itself is on display has not been submitted, it was used to transfer VIPs from the hotel to the venue and back. On Wednesday, the cars loaded on animal transport, but one of them, worth nearly 140,000 dollars were missing. Despite the fact that the new Seven is equipped with BMW Assist, just in case of theft, allowing the satellite to determine the location of the vehicle, the police loss has not yet been discovered. Alas, in recent years, the automotive capital of the Detroit became the capital crime, and the crisis has hit the region in the United States the most.


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