In Detroit 2011, get acquainted with the Mercedes SLS E-Cell

Detroit Auto Show 2011 The company Mercedes brought his electric supercar Mercedes SLS E-Cell, which we have already talked in detail. According to the company, currently SLS E-Cell is the most technically advanced car ever produced. Instead petrol V8 supercar equipped with this chetyryamya electric motors, one for each wheel. Together, they generate an impressive 533 hp and maximum torque of 880 nm, providing acceleration from zero to hundred kilometers per hour in four seconds, just 0.2 seconds slower than normal petrol version Mercedes AMG GT. And now the surprise. In Detroit supercar brought not just because there was officially confirmed the decision to launch Mercedes SLS E-Cell into production. However, to buy it will turn out not earlier than 2013. Currently at issue is not only the cost of future trends, but also the power reserve that can overcome the electric vehicle, eating from lithium-ion batteries, as well as the time of their full charge. Perhaps today the last two values ​​are not very attractive, so they do not even voiced. But over the next two years, progress must step far forward, so the serial SLS E-Cell surely be able to offer its owners not only to hurricane dynamics, but also frees them from having to spend most of their time waiting for battery charging.

sls-e-cell-detroit_05-650x433 sls-e-cell-detroit_03-650x433

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