Car edition Autocar has published insider information about the future of the BMW 5-series a new, seventh in a row, in the back-generation G30, the premiere of which was originally scheduled for 2016. Later, there were reports that the presentation can be transferred to 2017-th. It is expected that the new appearance “five” BMW G30 will be performed in the style of the concept Gran Lusso Coupe, and it will form the basis of a modular platform, which is code-designation OKL. This chassis further be used as models 6 and 7 series and crossover X5 and X6.
Furthermore, the design of future BMW 5 (2017) will be more widely used high-strength steel, and composite materials, which will greatly reduce the weight of the vehicle (up to 100 kg depending on the modification). While such motors to officially “five” not confirmed, but the line will definitely upgraded four- and six-cylinder engines and the 4.4-liter “eight” under the hood of the next BMW M5 (G30) will receive about 600 hp instead of the current 560. Also ” M5″ will get the optional all-wheel drive, which is now for the “charged” the Bavarian sedan is not available, but is available for the main competitor – E63 AMG S.
Buyers of the new BMW 5-Series -30 (2016-2017) will offer two versions of transmissions – a six-speed mechanics Getrag, machine company ZF. Optics model will be fully LED, and among the options will night vision system, autonomous parking function without a driver, and a whole range of security systems. Generally, the Bavarians promise to make the BMW 5 G30 most technologically in the classroom, equipping cars advanced technologies, some of which first appeared at the upcoming flagship BMW 7 G11. Partly this is due to the shift schedule and the premiere of the model year. For more information about the new product will appear later.