About KIA company plans to prepare a “hot” on the basis of a modification of a hatchback Ceed 2013 became known in the summer. Now, the South Korean automaker circulated details on future updates showed teasers with her image.
Prichechatelno that buyers can choose either five-door version of the Ceed GT, and three-door Pro_Ceed GT. Externally, the car will acquire a different grille, new bumpers, diffuser and 18-inch alloy wheels.
Under the hood of the Kia Ceed GT located 1.6-liter four-cylinder GDI turbo 204 hp (265 Nm), is mounted in a pair with a 6-speed manual transmission, transmitting traction on the front axle.
According to the automaker, from zero to a hundred hatchback accelerates in 7.9 seconds, 1.3 seconds slower 220-strong VolksWagen Golf GTI, which is called the KIA key competitors of the new model.
Apart from the above features, a “hot” version of the Ceed GT will also receive recustomized suspension and upgraded brakes with calipers painted red. And in the car set the front seat Recaro, metal pedals and applying other finishing materials.
Premiere of a new KIA Ceed GT will be held at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013, and its European sales will begin next summer.

kia-ceed-gt-sketch_02-650x433 kia-ceed-gt-sketch_01-650x433