Details about the charged BMW M5 Competition sedan

The official specifications of the BMW M5 F90 appeared in the network in the top version of the Competition, as well as some information on the configuration of the model. It is known that the car is delivered to special 20-inch light-alloy wheels of the M 789 series, the distinguishing feature of which is the Y-shaped design of the spokes, and a carbon spoiler appeared on the boot lid. Among other things, the new BMW M5 Companion 2018-2019 is equipped with a louder exhaust system and a stiffer suspension with reduced ground clearance. It is reported that as an option for four-door offers premium audio system, Bowers & Wilkins. Officially confirmed that under the hood of the car housed a 4.4-liter “turbo”, the return of which was raised from 600 to 625 “horses”, while the maximum torque of the unit remained unchanged – the previous 750 Nm. With this engine, the “em five” in the version of the Competition can accelerate from one place to another in 3.3 seconds (-0.1). In the future, acceleration does not weaken, and the bar in 200 km / h sedan takes 10.8 seconds after the start (-0.3). The default Maxima is 250 km / h, but the optional M Driver’s package allows you to loosen the collar to 305 km / h. It is expected that the official premiere of the new model will be held on May 8, 2018, the car will be delivered to the conveyor in July, and the first copies will be delivered to customers in September. As for the price, it has not yet been announced.

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