Specialists US dealership Lebanon Ford, located in Lebanon (Ohio), presented the revised version of the sports car the Mustang GT. The car got its own tuning program LFP Hellion, components which are produced in limited editions, while at the dealership immediately offer two variants of completions. The first of these (Package 1) will cost 45 500 dollars, and the Ford Mustang GT will receive two turbochargers and a new exhaust system. The second option (Package 2) is now $ 49 995. In this case, the sports car will be equipped with other optional oil pump, an upgraded fuel injection system, half-axles and other new driveshaft. All this will increase the impact 5.0-liter V8 engine from the original 435 to an impressive 1200 hp Alas, the dynamic performance of the Mustang are not called. Among Lebanon Ford pointed out that the dealer does not provide a guarantee on the forced power-plant, with the completion of the center specialists also deny the customer the official warranty from the manufacturer.