Datsun company has updated Go hatchback and versatile person Go+

In early May 2018, Datsun introduced updated versions of the Go and Go + models, which received some stylistic solutions from the Datsun Cross. Restyling hatchback and station wagon have a more sporty and smart exterior design. This was achieved thanks to the installation of bumpers with diffusers and more massive air intakes, which in fact are just an imitation and perform a purely aesthetic role. Datsun Directory Both models received a larger grille with a different pattern and a patch on the thresholds. The front of the car can boast of the presence of diode navigation lights, and on the bodies of mirrors, there are repeaters of turn signals. By default, five-doors are delivered on 13-inch wheels, and on more expensive trim levels the wheels go to 14 “. In the interior, the changes are more significant. The front panel received a more solid design with rectangular ventilation deflectors. Instead of an open shelf, there is a full glove box on it, and armrests appeared on the doors. Electric windows now are not only on the front but also on the rear doors.

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