Daniil Kvyat finished second in the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2015

Incredible race turned the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2015, which can rightly be called the best of the season to inflame passions, struggles and the final results. A break at the start and made a team-mate Seb team Kimi Raikkonen but the Finn summed up the technique, or a Ferrari would be able to celebrate the double in Hungary. On the third step of the podium Daniel Riccardo, who attacked on the final segment struggled, mindful of last year’s race, where on the last lap he managed to become a leader, but this time it turned out a little differently. During the second daring overtaking was walking Nico, their cars touched, resulting in a puncture for Nico and change the front wing for Dan. But if Riccardo this episode behind only Kvyat then Rosberg with a broken wheel of a long time to get to the boxes, so the finish was only eighth. But he had a chance to catch up on points with Lewis, who in this race just catastrophically unlucky. Not only that, at the start of Hamilton lost three positions, so when you try to fight back, he made a mistake and fell back to tenth place at all. This was followed by a long break before the fourth, but on the restart after the departure of the safety car, which appeared at the time of cleaning the debris of a broken front wing machine Nico, Lewis once again began to lose ground. And when the British counterattacked Riccardo beat him, then between their fireballs hard contact occurred, which did not lead to any of them at once, but the judges decided to punish Lewis passing through the pit lane. Here and Hamilton did was outside the top ten, but the finish was still enough rounds, so he saw the checkered flag in sixth. No luck in the race of the case and the representatives of Williams – Only 12 and 13 seats for the masses and Bottas, both riders got off Force India, while Pastor Maldonado, it seems, broke the record for the amount of fines produced in the same race. All this gave a chance to the pilots of those teams that rarely mined points. For example, in the top ten finish, both McLaren, with Fernando Alonso in fifth place at once, and Jenson Button – the ninth. Marcus Ericsson at Sauber at the start of the 17th finished the race tenth, Roman – the seventh and the fourth turned Max Verstappen at Toro Rosso. Still, in the classic racing autodrome are much more interesting. And examples of Silverstone and Hungaroring is clearly proven. And certainly we can see this again in the beloved by many pilots and spectators Spa-Francorchamps track in Belgium. However, before we are waiting for the traditional summer break in four weeks.


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