Daniel Ricardo won the Canadian Grand Prix in 2014

Canadian Grand Prix in 2014 could become the next race of the season, where the dispute for the victory will lead each other only pilots factory team Mercedes. And on top of it all was. Starting from pole position, Nico Rosberg held the lead, ahead of Hamilton and Vettel, coming in second place. However, Lewis was able to restore the status quo rather quickly, because the long straights of the Canadian track fireballs Red Bull with motors Renault greatly inferior to the speed of the Mercedes. Then Hamilton began to catch up with team-mate, although direct attack, it never came. But all successful series come to an end sooner or later. At some point, both Mercedes race cars similar problems have arisen, resulting in their separation from his pursuers began to rapidly melt. And then the car Lewis refused rear brakes, resulting in he had to go – for the British is the second gathering of the season after the first race in Australia. At one point it seemed that Rosberg will last long in the lead, as he caught up with Sergio Perez, as well as the racers Red Bull – Daniel Riccardo and Sebastian Vettel. Last complained strategists of his team, because not too successful time for his pit stop allowed Dan to come forward. But Nico, surprisingly, found the speed and technical problems were not too serious. This came out in second place Perez was there because of the tactics of a single pit stop. Meksiantsa have been severely worn tires, so he could not overtake Rosberg, and Riccardo, in turn, could not beat Sergio as Force India race car equipped with the most powerful Mercedes engine, which is no match for Renault engine. But for too long this could not continue, and for a few laps before the finish Riccardo still came in second place, while leaving the operating room without problems caught up and walked Rosberg, looking for the first victory of his career. Without the help of Nico Perez risked losing more positions. As long as the struggle of the whole group of the two Red Bull caught up with Felipe Massa fastest on fresh tires. I caught up pretty quickly, but ahead of Vettel, he could not. Over laps to go Sebastian was able to break the resistance of Perez, who immediately rushed to the attack and weight. But the attack ended the clash. Cexp slightly shifted towards Felipe, their cars touched wheels and uncontrolled drift flew to bump. Strike two was very serious, but fortunately, with the pilots all right. True, each has lost a very good result, which was important both for the masses, and for Peres. After the accident, the race management imposed regime pace car in which overtaking is prohibited, so the last round was completed without a fight. The top three: Daniel Riccardo, Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel. Red Bull scored a lot of points, and Nico looked even more descended on Hamilton. Fourth unexpectedly finished Jenson Button, who has spent most of the race at the end of the first ten. Fifth line crossed Nico, and behind him the checkered flag saw Fernando Alonso (6th place), Walter Bottas (7th place), Jean-Eric Vergne (8th place), Kevin Magnussen (9th place) and Kimi Raikkonen (10th place). It is frustrating, and the race was over for the pilots of the team Marussia – they collided on the first lap distance, the blame for what happened every imposes on his team-mate. Well, the next race will be held in two weeks – it will be returned for a calendar Grand Prix of Austria on the modernized circuit Spielberg that after the restoration called Red Bull Ring, because its current owner is the same company.


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