Daniel Ricardo in a bitter struggle has won the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2014

Incredible race turned the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2014, before the start of which was a heavy downpour. As a result, all the riders had to start on intermediate tires, but in the future the team used a variety of tactical schemes. Mechanics had to shove the car into the pits where it still managed to revive, but points to the Russians never made it, finishing 14th. As in the last race in Germany, everyone was waiting for a breakthrough by Lewis Hamilton, who at that time had to start from the pit lane, as in qualifying in his car burned out the motor, simultaneously damaging the other elements of the car. So the Mercedes had to build a new car around Lewis spare chassis. And Hamilton really showed his class, even though a turn on the first lap of the race. But in many ways he helped pace car, go on the road after the accident, Marcus Erickson at Caterham. At the time, the four leaders have slipped past the entrance to the pit lane, so they had to stop on lap later, which threw them back. So the leaders left Daniel Ricardo, and after a safety car, this time because of an accident of Sergio Perez at the starting line, back of the field headed by Fernando Alonso. At that time, some of the drivers put tires more stringent, while others choose to use in qualifying the soft compounds. Second wear faster, but first a little slower. This is clearly demonstrated racers Mercedes – Hamilton was behind Nico Rosberg in the more recent Medium could not overtake the Briton, who stood by car tires Soft. After the regular pit stops opponents of the leaders again came Ricardo, but his tires at that time had already been seriously worn out. To finish them Australian would not have lasted, so he had to go for another set. A similar situation repeated itself and Rosberg. But restored to the leadership of Fernando Alonso decided to go on worn tires at the finish. It put pressure left on the second place Lewis Hamilton, and, in his ocherd caught up with Daniel Riccardo. And since the latter still has visited the pits, the result pilot of Red Bull still managed to get around both of them and win the race. Alonso had a hard time, but still kept the second position, not least because pursuing its Hamilton overtook Rosberg. However, the Briton finished on the podium, and Nico was fourth. Now the difference between the two leaders in the standings is 11 points in favor of the German. Avoid this one incident Felipe Massa finished fifth, while his more lucky teammate Walter Bottas crossed the line eighth. Between them is Kimi Raikkonen (6th place) and Sebastian Vettel (7th place). The top ten also broke Jean-Eric (9th place) and Jenson Button (10th place). Last risked remaining after the first pit stop on intermediate tires while most went to slicks. But this time, the rate of Button, which is usually very good in changeable weather conditions, has not worked. And now the Formula 1 goes on summer vacation – until the next race, which will take place in Belgium on the Spa-Francorchamps track, all waiting for a break of almost a month.


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