Daniel Ricardo Belgium won a third victory of the season

Daniel Ricardo when starting from fifth place managed to win the Belgian Grand Prix in 2014, bringing the Red Bull fiftieth victory in its history. But the climb to the top step of the podium helped the Aussie riders Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton from the start managed to become the leader of the Grand Prix, and the holder of pole position Nico Rosberg has passed forward and Sebastian Vettel, fell back to third place. However, then Nico managed to beat four-time champion and attacked at his partner. Alas, the attack ended in contact, in which the car Lewis puncture occurred, and Rosberg lost a part of the front wing. But if the German is led to the loss of the aerodynamic efficiency of the car, the Briton fell back at the end of the field. Then Hamilton as he tried, but spend another breakthrough, what has happened in the current season, he failed. But Rosberg ten laps to go made an additional pit stop to deal with all nearest rivals and ran to catch up with Riccardo on fresh tires. And although he was able to win back the range of two or three seconds at a distance of attack Niko to go and did not have time, finishing second. Third place a struggle between the two Finns. Winner of four victories at Spa Kimi Raikkonen was in front of Walter Bottas, but long lines and zones of DRS have left no chance to stay ahead of Ferrari Williams. As a result, Kimi was the fourth, and failing to get the first podium of the season. And the position of the fifth to eighth on the last lap once fought four pilots, the best of which turned out to Sebastian Vettel (5th place), who went initially just did this last group. And the loser was Fernando Alonso (8th place), has long fought hard with Kevin Magnussenom (6th place), but missed because of this, there is still and Jenson Button (7th place). In the standings the gap from Hamilton Rosberg rose to 25 points, but we still have seven races, the closest of which will take place in two weeks – it will be the Italian Grand Prix.


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