Daimler and BYD built an electric car Denza 500 for China

In the Chinese market, the Denza 500 electric car debuted, developed by the joint efforts of BYD and Daimler. The release of the car was established at the Shenzhen Denza New Energy Automotive.

The new model is a sedan with a short rear end of the body, because of which the exterior of the car can easily be mistaken for a five-door hatchback. Outside, it is worth noting the headlamps with a stylish design and the cover-fairing instead of the standard grille. Behind the latter, a niche with a socket for recharging the batteries hides.

Based on the first-generation Mercedes-Benz B-Class platform, the Denza 500 reaches a length, width and height of 4,672, 1,850 and 1,642 mm, respectively. The wheelbase of the model is 2,880 millimeters.

The machine is driven by an electric motor, the latter can be 117 or 184 hp. With a less powerful Denza engine, the 500 is capable of overclocking from zero to a hundred in 14.0 seconds, and with a more powerful engine, in 10.5 seconds.

The maximum speed of the “train” can reach 150 km/h. In both cases, the electric car is equipped with a battery pack of 70 kWh, which provides a “five hundred” power reserve up to 500 kilometers.

Depending on the equipment, the Denza 500 can have dual-zone climate control, a multimedia system with a 9.0-inch touchpad, a leather interior, heated front seats and LED lights. The price of an electric car in the Middle Kingdom starts at 298,800 yuan. On the supply of new products to other markets so far nothing is known.

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