February 17, 2015 at a special event in Prague hosted a presentation liftbek Skoda Superb 3 generations in a new body. World premiere of new items was held in early March at the Geneva Motor Show. Externally, the new Skoda Superb (2015-2016) significantly changed – the design is made in the current model of corporate identity products with sharp edges. Some of the design elements, as promised, moved to a production car with a prototype VisionC Concept. The car sports a LED taillights and a stylish head optics. But the main thing – in spite of the increased dimensions, the new Skoda Superb III managed to get rid of the “heavy” feed, inherent machine previous generation. Shop liftbek, as before, he was strict, but was even more solid. The architecture of the front panel preserved, but the steering wheel, instrument panel, center console – all that has undergone revision. In addition, within the new ┼ákoda Superb 3 has become even more spacious – the manufacturer reports about a raise of free space in all directions.
Alas, deprived of one of the novelty business cards Superb – a double lid, which, as it turned out, was not too in demand among buyers. As a result, the lid is now solid, and can be equipped with electric drive and automatic opening during the foot under the rear bumper (in the presence of the key in your pocket). The company also noted the presence of 29 “smart” solutions, some of which are used in the Skoda Superb (2016-2017) for the first time. It is, for example, about such things as LED flashlight in the trunk, umbrellas in the front doors, stand for tablet, ice scraper on the gas tank hatch, the 230 freestyle socket, USB-port and much more. The top version of Columbus can deliver 610 watts of 12 speakers, supports Internet access to LTE-frequencies and is capable of giving away Wi-Fi inside the machine. Technical characteristics. Overall length of the car is 4858 mm (+20), the value of the wheelbase is 2 841 (+80), width – 1867 (50) Height – 1468 (+6). But with all this mass of new Skoda Superb III managed to cut (depending on the modification of the gain amounted to 75 kg), and the torsional rigidity has increased by 15%. Coupled improved aerodynamics and upgraded engines, each of which is now equipped with a function of “start / stop” and meets environmental standards “Euro 6”, the average car has become 30% more economical. The powertrain line for liftbek includes only four-cylinder engines – the old 3.6-liter V6 will be no more. Gasoline represented by five turbo engines TSI (series EA 211 and EA 888) working volume of 1.4, 1.8 and 2.0 liter capacity of 125 to 280 hp Diesel engines – three TDI unit EA series 288 of 1.6 and 2.0 liters, giving out 120 to 190 forces. Moreover, almost all versions except elementary, can be equipped with all-wheel drive with Haldex coupling of the fifth generation.

Configuration and price. European sales of the new Skoda Superb 3 will start in the summer of 2015, promises to keep prices at the level of its predecessor. The standard equipment of the machine in the markets of the Old World includes seven airbags, electronic stability control, electric parking brake, tire pressure sensors, automatic braking on urban speeds and so forth. For an extra charge available three-zone climate control, panoramic electric sunroof, rear-view camera tracking system for road signs and markings, adaptive cruise control, side airbags in the back row, and more.

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