The American Insurance Institute for Road Safety (IIHS) conducted regular tests of headlamps headlight crossovers and SUVs. As in the past year, a large number of models failed the tests, earning a rating of “Bad”. In total, the headlights were tested in 79 models, and in different trim levels, which differ in the type of headlights.

In IIHS, the brightness of the headlamps, the length and distribution of the light beam, the adaptive functions and the operation of the auxiliary electronics were checked.

Crossovers, which were rated “Good” turned out to be only two. This Hyundai Santa Fe, which is sold under the name of Grand Santa Fe and Volvo XC60 first generation. And the last xenon is only for the passing light. And the Korean crossover was highly appreciated in the version with optional adaptive bi-xenon headlights.

Another twelve models were rated “Satisfactory”. And here there were also mass models with halogen headlights and expensive premium crossovers. The same number (12) of crossovers and SUVs were rated “On the border of the permissible” (Marginal). Finally, as many as eleven models received a rating of “Bad”.

In IIHS, they say that they again did not find the dependence of the quality of the headlamps on the type of their source (halogen, xenon or LEDs). However, they noted that headlights with projective lenses received positive evaluations.