Some countries may appear SUVs DW Hover H3 and H5

In the market may appear again SUV Great Wall Hover H3 and H5, missing from the market a few years ago due to disagreements with the Chinese local distributor – the company “Irito”. However, if these machines will appear at the dealers, then they will be called a little differently – DW Hower H3 and DW Hower H5. Here DW – an abbreviation of the company name Derways in Cherkessk, where it plans to establish assembly model. Recall that the Hover H3 and H5 – is essentially the same car two, differing decor and interior ancestor. The engine for both, only one – the license 2.0-liter turbo 150-hp Mitsubishi It is only available mated to a 6-speed manual, but the drive may be not only the front but also complete (plug). Information about the date of the start of production DW Hower H5 and H3 yet, but the basis for machines appear ERA-GLONASS, stabilization system, a rearview camera, along with parking sensors, air conditioning and sunroof. Information about possible prices there.

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