Control a car with a trailer

Control a car with a trailer requires adherence to certain rules, which significantly facilitate driving with a trailer. If you have to go to the train with a trailer, it is highly recommended to read this article.
Not everyone can carry the load in the trunk of a car. Summer residents, rural residents, outdoor enthusiasts, and many other categories of car owners are uniaxial light trailers to expand the capabilities of their machines. In addition to convenience, the use of a trailer is beneficial from an economic point of view. The unit cost of transportation of the cargo trailer is reduced on average by one third, which is important when high fuel prices.


To enjoy all the benefits of the use of the trailer, it is necessary to observe certain rules of operation, since driving in this case has its own characteristics and requires training for both the driver and the vehicle.

How to prepare the trailer?

• Training should start with checking the technical condition of the trailer.
• Tow hitch should be serviceable. To do this, check the reliability of the lock in the closed position fixing and fastening of ropes and chains to the vehicle.
• In order to reduce friction and improve the electrical contact between the vehicle and the trailer hitch ball (hitch) must be greased (you can use a graphite grease or any other similar to it).


• Wheel bearings should rotate freely. To verify this is enough to lift the side of the trailer and scroll wheel.
• tire pressure of the trailer wheels must be the same.
• If defective shock absorbers trailer will be unstable on the road.
• If the trailer lights do not work, or burn not in full glow, check the contact with the “masses” . The connection of the body of the car and the tow bar using copper wire often solves the problem.
• The sides of the trailer should be secured, and the tent is well secured.

How to place the goods in the trailer?


From the placement of the load in the trailer it depends for its stability on the road. To the trailer does not obstruct the movement, it must be ensured that the main burden falls on the shaft (with a small margin in the direction of the drawbar). In this case the center of gravity as low as possible. For this heavy loads must be placed on the bottom of the trailer with a slight offset to the front.

In uneven loading of the trailer the car’s handling will deteriorate. When overloaded the stern is reduced adhesion of the rear axle to the road surface, and at the front of the trailer overloaded machine ceases to obey the helm (in addition, front-wheel drive cars are starting to spin with good coverage even on a flat road).

Features of driving a car with a trailer.

Trailer not only increases the overall dimensions and weight of the vehicle, but due to the presence of coupling maneuver trajectory makes more difficult. To create the road accidents, the driver should follow some rules:

• Comply with the increased distance, since this car needs more space not only for acceleration but also for braking.
• Overtaking should be done only under conditions of good visibility, a section of road should be fully viewable (no lifts and turns).
• When overtaking a car with a trailer big truck It creates a sharp pressure drop at which the trailer dropped sharply in the first side, and then – on the contrary pressed. Therefore, if you see that you are ahead of the tractor with semitrailer, take as much as possible to the right and to minimize speed.
• When sharp turns and driving on rough roads (especially downhill) trailer loses lateral stability and begins to sway to the side.
• Dimension corridor to turn the car trailer increases significantly. Therefore, when you turn to the trailer went out onto the sidewalk (this is true for a detour obstacles on the road) must be left at 1.5 – 2.0 m more space than usual.

• If necessary, driving on a country road with ruts should immediately move on the track, the car and trailer were not included in the different track;
• Directions intractable areas or obstacles should be performed at a reduced transmission, which should be included in advance as the latest gear shift leads.
• it is especially difficult to drive a car with a trailer when reversing. This is due to the fact that the trailer will turn in the opposite direction from the direction of rotation booster.


• If, during the reversing trailer “formed” (ie become perpendicular to the machine), you need to stop and align the trailer. Continued maneuver might just bend the trailer drawbar.
• In severe cases, if necessary, movement should be back to unhook the trailer and move it manually.

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