Conquest of the Antarctic Hyundai Santa Fe

Grandson of one of the most famous Antarctic explorers Ernest Shackleton decided to fulfill the dream of his great-grandfather, having won the cold edge to his converted car. After all, Ernest Shackleton became a pioneer who used to conquer the Antarctic in 1907-1909 years of the four-car air-cooled 15 hp in its arsenal.
And now, after more than 100 years, the SUV Hyundai Santa Fe was chosen for this purpose, which has undergone some refinements to perform such a difficult mission. Shackleton’s great-grandson named Patrick Bergel went to a 30-day journey through Antarctica to the distance of 5800 kilometers in his car.
The modified SUV from Hyundai was significantly increased ground clearance, set AT38 special tires with a pressure of just 0.14 bar, and a standard fuel tank has been replaced by an improved JET1A with a volume of 230 liters.
What is most interesting, the power unit and electronics Santa Fe remained unchanged, but the engine was installed automatic heating system to a constant temperature at 79 degrees (if during movement of the power unit temperature falls below 65 degrees – the heater is automatically switched on again).
We suggest you watch the video of this exciting expedition, which was called “The Return of Shackleton” (Shackleton’s Return).

Note that this is the first time in history that managed to cross Antarctica by car. According to travelers, almost no one believed in the success of their events, but in the end everything turned out, even though it was not easy.

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