The company has upgraded model Volvo S90, V90 and XC90

In November 2016, Volvo will start producing the upgraded models of the 90th series – S90, the versatile V90 and XC90 crossover. The Swedes have improved the safety of these vehicles, as well as prepare them for a number of new transmissions. It is known that the automaker has equipped cars Slippery Road Alert system, which enables the machine to notify each other of the presence of slippery road sections. This system works by the cloud data storage Volvo. If when driving icy stretch of road at the car works traction control, the coordinates of the site will be immediately sent to the “cloud”, after which the system will notify all vehicles approaching on the potential danger. Similarly, the system works and Hazard Light Alert, which also received an updated model of the 90th series. It sends a “cloud” of information about the activation of the alarm, alerting nearby machines. As for the new transmission, the models for the Volvo S90, V90 and XC90 are now available 6-speed manual and the same machine. The Swedes say that with the new gearbox in S90 sedan’s fuel consumption with a diesel engine is a 4.3-liter D3 (regardless of the type of transmission). In addition, shortly D3 motor model can be ordered with all-wheel drive. Among other improvements worth mentioning that the multimedia system all cars the 90th series now supports Android Auto application and navigation system was the ability to update maps via the Internet. Also upgraded S90 and V90 can be ordered with a new body color – brown Maple Brown tint.


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