German experts from the company Posaidon finalized “charged” hatchback Mercedes-AMG A45 Edition 1. Externally tuning the car does not differ from the version of the sink, but the technical “stuffing” model has undergone major changes.
The movement of the hot hatch leads a standard 2.0-liter turbo engine, which in the original specification provides 381 hp But thanks to the turbo upgrade, optimize air intake and improve cooling of Poseidon tuners managed to increase engine capacity of up to 485 “horses”.
Studio Experts note that they removed the electronic speed limiter and now a hatchback can accelerate right up to 310 km/h (the original model with the AMG package has makmimalku 270 km/h). But the dynamics of the vehicle acceleration from zero to hundred is not specified, but there is no doubt that tuning Mercedes-AMG A45 makes it faster 4.2 seconds that require a standard car.
In addition to the engine Posaidon companies offer also modify the braking system of the car and establish more productive. On request, they can turn off the start/stop system. The cost of improvements is not called.

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