The new compact Opel hatchback will be named Adam

Opel continues to intrigue around its new model of A class, the premiere of which is scheduled for September 2012. The Paris Motor Show, but the model name is already known – the new car will be named the founder of the concern – Adam. Despite the fact that the smallest car in the lineup with a zipper on the manufacturer’s logo will have a length of just 3.7 meters, Opel Adam Concern has high hopes. And not only commercial: first of all they are related to the rejuvenation of the brand. It is expected that the new Opel Adam will be a worthy and affordable competitor to the Fiat 500, Citroen DS3, Audi A1 and other compact models. In the history of the automotive industry is known for only one similar case, when the car was named after the founding father of the brand – a well-known Italian Ferrari Enzo, sales of which started in 2002. This is not surprising: such a step – it is very responsible. It is hoped that such a bold decision in naming the group meet the expectations of developers.


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