Classic Ferrari 308 GTE made electric

The American firm Electric GT, dedicated to the adaptation of conventional vehicles in electric vehicles, has introduced the world’s first Ferrari electric supercar. Some time ago, experts of the company acquired Ferrari 308 GTE (1978 onwards) with faded due to leaking fuel engine compartment. They decided to turn the car into an electric, but the first thing restored body and interior of the car, and then to have removed the blown 2.9-liter engine V8, which “in his lifetime” gave out 240 hp and 265 Nm. Instead of petrol “eight” experts established Electric GT coupe electric powerplant, develops 415 “horses” and 447 Nm of torque. As for the powertrain, the Americans decided to equip the electric version of the Ferrari 308 GTE five-step mechanics of Porsche, which in the early 90s were equipped with model 911 families. His choice of experts argued that the manual transmission allows you to get maximum pleasure from driving the Italian brand, and the transmission from Porsche is able to cope with the high torque. Ferrari 308 GTE from Electric GT also received a set of battery capacity of 30 kWh, the charge which is enough for 160 km. The Americans have noticed that in the future they plan to equip their electric cars batteries twice the capacity. Note that the altered version of the Ferrari 308 GTE weighs 1.5 tons, which is almost 300 kg heavier than the original version. The dynamic characteristics of a compartment are not specified as the value of the works.


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