Citroen company has declassified photographs pre-production version of the new model DS5, which will become the flagship in a line of premium brand of the French manufacturer, joining the already produces Citroen DS3 and DS4.
The car is based on the sedan Citroen C5, but differs from sveogo “parent” very seriously. Design DS5 is a mixture of five-door hatchback, coupe and to some extent even crossover.
And on the dimensions, the Citroen DS5 (4.52 meters long and 1.85 meters – in width) is a bit more compact model C5 (4,7 meters in length and 1.8 meters – in width, respectively).
The movement concept leads HYbrid4 hybrid propulsion system development group PSA, which combines a 2.0-liter diesel engine producing 163 hp and a 37-horsepower electric motor, the transmission time of the rear axle. The same setting is used in the serial The Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4.
DS5 will show to the public at the International Motor Show Shanghai, and its production version will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 in September.

citroen-ds5_02-650x433 citroen-ds5_03-650x365 citroen-ds5_01-650x430