Citroen will return scale representative model

The French company Citroen wants to regain the glory of the manufacturer of unusual cars “haute couture”. The head of the brand Linda Jackson said that Citroen is working on a new flagship sedan, which will replace just two models, C5 and C6.

A new model created based on the concept of the Citroen C-xperience, shown in 2016 at the Paris Motor Show. Citroen can present it in a year, but most likely it will happen only in 2020.

“The new model will not be a replacement for the C5, it will be a large sedan,” Jackson said in an interview with British Autocar. “The big sedan is an important milestone for a major automaker, which should have compact, medium and large cars, including crossovers, in the range.”

She confirmed that most of the case with the new models is focused primarily on the Chinese market. Jackson says that despite the rapid growth of popularity of crossovers, sedans are still very popular and occupy a significant part of the market. Last year, sales of Citroen in China fell by 47.3% due to strong competition from local manufacturers and the lack of a large number of crossovers in the range. The situation should save Citroen C5 Aircross and new sedans.

According to Jackson, C-xperience was warmly received by the public both in Europe and in China and showed that the representative car could look luxurious without the abundance of chrome and polished wood in the cabin. Jackson demanded that the serial model was also avant-garde in appearance and equipped with all the latest technological developments of the PSA

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