Citroen Company has brought to the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 concept Cactus M, which is based on the serial model Cactus C4. The manufacturer is positioning this as a prototype of the modern interpretation of open lung vsedorozhnika Mehari, unreleased from 1968 to 1988.
Unlike conventional Cactus Concept Citroen Cactus M lost the roof and a couple doors. Recently, along with bumpers are coated with thermoplastic, designed to protect them from the salt water, sand, scratches and even light blows. A rack received wood inserts and fastening for surfboards.
Seats in the cabin Citroen Cactus M Concept neoprene covered with water-repellent fabric. A floor drain holes are provided, so that after a trip to the beach you can rinse the interior of the hose without risking anything to spoil. For the night outdoors creators of the model provided a special tent on the roof and an inflatable tent.
The movement Citroen Cactus M results in a 1.2-liter gasoline engine PureTech 110 hp, which is combined in a pair with dedicated six gun and consumes an average of 4.8 liters per hundred in combined cycle. Speech about the launch of the car in a series is not, but in the future all the hedgehog Citroen is considering to offer customers something similar.

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