The Citroen company will bring to Paris CXperience concept

A month before the opening of the Paris Motor Show in 2016 the Citroen company is a conceptual representation CXperience sedan. Dimensions are 4 prototype 850, 2000 and 1370 mm in length, width and height, respectively, and its wheelbase is 3000 millimeters. Thus, the concept was in the 130, 110 and 100 mm shorter, wider and lower than the Citroen C6 sedan. The movement Citroen CXperience Concept brings hybrid propulsion system, which consists of a gasoline internal combustion engine, electric motor, battery pack capacity of 3 kWh and eightfold machine. Total capacity of this installation is 300 hp, while the electric range of about 60 km. Instead of the usual Hydractive suspension prototype got the Advanced the Comfort. It has a hydraulic stoppers installed in two-pipe shock absorbers. This solution allows you to move the suspension noticeably softer than when driving on poor-quality coating. There are no standard models of rear-view mirror. Instead, the French used the camera. In addition, the concept was fully LED optics system of the circular review, opening against a course of back doors, and large 22-inch wheels. The decoration of the interior Citroen CXperience use high quality fabric and leather and wood from a walnut. Front seats are made of a special foam, which not only takes the form of a driver’s or passenger’s body, but also remembers its features. Interestingly, in the seat headrests French integrated speakers and microphones. Manage functions of an entertainment complex and the climate control is possible with a 19-inch display, which is located on the dashboard. You can be divided into multiple windows on the screen for comfortable image. As for the rear passengers, they can adjust the settings of the air conditioner and change the music through tablet computers. Manage certain functions in the Citroen CXperience possible and remotely using a smartphone. For example, through a special application you can start the engine of the machine. About the future of the project has not yet been announced.

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