Citroen C1 2 received the all-terrain version of Urban Ride

In late September, the network published the first official photos of concept car Citroen C1 Urban Ride, which is the “all-terrain” modification C1 compact hatchback new generation. The first public demonstration model was held at the Paris Motor Show in 2014.
The main difference between C1 Urban Race from the original model is a protective plastic clothes and a unique paint finishes. According to foreign publishers, the modification has increased ground clearance (15 mm) and will be available in three- and five-door and performance. However, the serial production is too early to say, though Citroen is clearly going to bring it to the conveyor.
Recall that the debut of the new Citroen C1 2 generation was held in March 2014 at the motor show in Geneva. Motor model range includes two petrol unit volume of 1.0 and 1.2 liters with return in 68 and 82 hp, respectively. The choice is available five-speed mechanical or robotised gearbox five-speed ETG.Acceleration from zero to hundreds at the top-end version of the model takes 11.0 seconds.
Equipment hatchback is at a high level. Already in the standard model is equipped with a rearview camera, a multimedia system with 7-inch screen, as well as system access in the cabin and the engine starts.

foto-c1-urban_02 foto-c1-urban_03 foto-c1-urban_01

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