New Chrysler Pacifica 2 replaced the Model Town & Country

At the motor show in Detroit 2016, the premiere of a new minivan Chrysler Pacifica 2017, which replaced the Model Town & Country. It is noteworthy that earlier in the line of products has been a model Pacific, which is a cross between a crossover and venom.
New Chrysler Pacifica (2017) was a completely different body design with smoother contours. The front car is now reminiscent of a sedan Chrysler 200 its drop-shaped headlights with diode sections and narrow grille, which replaced the former solid lattice with a large grid.
Chrysler Pacifica 2017 in a new body and a stylish stands on the side, curved window sill line with a negative slope in the area of ​​the C-pillar, generous chrome trim and 17-inch wheels Island base. The rear window of the minivan original blocks combined with LED lights.
Salon Chrysler Pacifica 2 generation also markedly changed. There is a new front fascia, a dashboard, the other wheel, and center console made a separate unit and is no longer connected to the dashboard. In general, the interior of the minivan began to look more and more comfortable.
The basis of the vehicle laid down a completely new chassis, which succeeded to improve the manageability of the model, as well as reduce noise and vibration. In addition, engineers have increased the rigidity of the new Chrysler Pacifica (2017), and managed to reduce the weight of the minivan more than 135 kg.
The company claims that their new model is the lightest in the class. Compared with the former Town & Country, the novelty has turned slightly shorter of their dimensions, but the 25 mm wider than its 12 mm and above. So that passengers in the cabin of the new Pacifica II as freely as before.
As engines for the minivan offers two powerplants. The base is a 3.6-liter “six” power of 290 hp (355 Nm), which is combined in a pair with a 9-band machine, transmitting traction on the front axle. But the alternative is a hybrid installation.
The structure includes the latest 250-hp (312 Nm) Penastar V6 and a set of batteries with a capacity of 16 kW, which can be fully recharged from a household network in two hours. So the new Chrysler Pacifica in 2017 became the first hybrid minivan. For information about prices and the date of commencement of sales model it is not yet known.

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