How to choose wiper blades?

Unfortunately, often the wipers do not work as expected. Availability of divorce, scratches on the glass or reduced visibility during their work, says that the brushes need to be replaced. And the driver is not necessary to put it off until later. Moreover, the responsible motorist will try to choose the most suitable and efficient device which can provide not only safety on the road, but also a comfortable driving conditions. How to choose the right wiper blades for your car, and what they do there? The auto shop or on a car, you can find dozens of different models, which differ from each other not only in price and country of manufacture, but also the overall design.

Types wipers.

The design of the wipers can be carcass, frameless and hybrid.

Frame wipers.

For the domestic market the most typical frame windshield wipers. The framework of such products consists of a system of hinges with rockers. To this is attached a strip of glass cleaner called blade brush. Traditionally, various metal alloys used for the manufacture of the wiper frame. However, new polymeric materials completely replaced metal alloys for the fabrication of frameworks for the last ten years. Metal hinges and rocker after prolonged use much wore out, which led to the formation of backlash and inefficient brushes themselves. Naturally, the metal parts in the winter frosted over and subjected to corrosion. The new models of frame wipers have been used for the manufacture of plastic parts joints, shafts and bushings. Naturally, such brushes have not frosted over, and accuracy was achieved regarding compounds frame members to each other. And this new model wiper frame may provide an effective fit wiper blade to the windshield. The negative side of these models include the quality of the polymers used. The cheap products use low-grade plastic, which quickly destroyed. These brushes will work with a scratch and loose, making them ineffective.

Frameless cleaners.

Frameless wipers consist of a plastic or rubber-molded plastic housing which is filled with several metal plates (usually two). Between the plates attached itself wiper blade made of rubber. The shape resembles a brush spoiler. at the end of the installation of plastic caps to protect the structure from external influences. In the middle of the wiper body is a bracket to which it is attached. This design has several advantages. Firstly, it is not susceptible to icing. Secondly, it has no moving parts that fail the first (it hinges, axles and bushings). An additional advantage – shortened the leash wiper arm. This does not produce large distortions and brush themselves on the glass moves almost silently. Naturally, this significantly extends the life of such products. Compared with the framework frameless brush cleaners operate several times longer. But in this design, there are also disadvantages. The main disadvantage of frameless wiper – a complex individual selection. This is due to the fact that they are made under the curved configuration of particular windshield. In addition, the mounting brackets are not standardized. Thus, frameless windshield wipers should only purchase a specific vehicle model is purely individual.

Hybrid models.

The design of hybrid wiper contains elements that are characteristic for frame cleaners, and for frameless. Hybrid cleaners have a skeleton which is composed of joints and rocker arm. Moreover, it provided their presence in the plastic casing shaped spoiler. From the classical framework, these models are a little high. By combining elements of different designs of hybrid wipers have the advantage of frame and frameless models cleaners – versatility and durability. The only drawback of hybrid purifiers – the high price. This is due to the fact that such models are rarely produced from inexpensive materials. Therefore, they are longer than others, while maintaining the elasticity and initial geometry.

The length of the wiper brushes.

Another selection criterion is the length of the wiper blades. Manufacturers in the market are models of different lengths. In recent years, practiced by installing brushes of different length, which when operating provide the best view for the driver. In this case, you must check that the standard length of the brush as you move do not interfere with each other. In most cases, you can set the brush, which is longer by 50 mm compared with the factory. These wipers provide greater cleaning the area and improve visibility.


Choosing the wiper blades, it is also necessary to ensure their quality. The material from which the frame or the blade is made should have a uniform texture and color. Rubber parts must not have burrs and the burr, but should have rounded sealing lip. On the tape frame models in the clamp should move freely. In addition to serial products can be found and unusual wipers – heated brush, short model, etc. In each case, you must make sure that this type of purifier is right for your car and make a trip on a rainy road dangerous.

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