The Chinese of Xpeng Cars presented competitor Tesla Model X

Chinese companies from Xpeng Cars presented a pre-production version of the electric crossover Beta, serial version of which must become a direct competitor to the Tesla Model X. Unfortunately, the data on a technical stuffing of the prototype, the basis of which the model has taken the Lexus NX, have not been disclosed, but we know that the market crossover will be offered with two different power plants. Less powerful will allow electric cars to accelerate from zero to hundred in 8.5 seconds, and more powerful – in 5.8 seconds. With fully charged batteries, developed by the Samsung, crossover Beta will be able to pass up to 300 km. As for the interior, the pre-production version of the electric car has received a fully digital 12.3-inch dashboard entertainment complex c 15.6-inch touchscreen LCD-display, the navigator, which offers the driver information on traffic as well as the circular review system. Control some functions of the car and multimediykoy can use voice commands. The Chinese said that the test prototype Beta began in April 2015. Since electric traveled about 500 000 km. At the moment, the production version of the model is ready for 90%. Release Xpeng Beta will begin in early 2017. In the first half the Chinese plan to collect only 100 crossover, but then the rate of production increase, and by the end of 2018 the company will bring together over 20 000 cars.

foto-xpeng-beta_03 foto-xpeng-beta_02 foto-xpeng-beta_01

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