Chinese SUV IAT Karlmann nearly $ 2 million

At the Beijing Auto Show 2016 Chinese IAT Design company presented to the public a luxurious six-seater SUV Karlmann King, built on a pickup truck Ford F-450 Duty Super. The name of the new product was in honor of the King of the Franks Carloman of the Carolingian dynasty (768-771 years reign). According to foreign media reports, the movement of the vehicle results in 6.8-liter V10 Ford Triton capacity of 367 hp and 620 Nm. The same engine is equipped with the original F-450 pickup truck. The SUV was unique polygonal design and logo of pure gold. To trim “royal” SUV Chinese used black leather and Alcantara, as well as gold and wood inserts. Inside, there IAT Karlmann King stand for tablet computers, wine glasses for champagne, a full tea set with various cups and refrigerator. In addition, the car equipped with the modern audio system with 20 speakers and karaoke, as well as a three-dimensional display and strobe. Chinese release only 10 copies of the IAT Karlmann King, and the price of each of them will be 12 million yuan (approximately US $ 1.9 million).

foto-kalman_03 foto-kalman_02 foto-kalman_01

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