Chinese liftbek Chery Bonus, prices and equipment

Chery Bonus – budget car category C +, which has a body type liftbek. The first copy was published in 2008.

Configuration and price Chery A13 Bonus (2015).

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
BN14B $7,700 1.5 petrol (109 hp) Manual (5) front
BN14BP $8,200 1.5 petrol (109 hp) Manual (5) front
BN14C $8,800 1.5 petrol (109 hp) Manual (5) front
BN14LX $9,000 1.5 petrol (109 hp) Manual (5) front

Chery Bonus essentially built on the basis of a long-known processed Chery Amulet , so technically nothing new in it hardly to find. But the design, which worked on the Italian designers of Atelier Torino Design, turned completely fresh. Externally liftbek like a sedan, but the trunk lid is opened with the rear window like a hatchback. In front of the bonuses you can see the relationship with Chery Kimo, due to the birth of the automaker’s corporate identity. Although this handsome car can not be called, it is quite modern and original.
Chery Bonus turned shorter than its predecessor, which affected the roomy luggage compartment. But for the rear passengers is still plenty of room – your knees do not rest against the front seats, but the high landing at a small height of the roof does not stay comfortably. The driver’s seat suffers from a lack of lateral support, which, however, can be noted in the majority of the budget competitors. Overall, the interior is made in Cherry Bonus quiet style. Let no special design refinements, but the front panel of the good-quality materials and good build quality suggests serious progress manufacturer from China.



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