Liftbek Chery Amulet (A15) was launched in the 2003 license of the Mexican assembly line equipment Seat Toledo, a copy of which is, in fact, this car is. Since the end of 2010 updated the company Amulet going TagAz named Vortex Corda . Chery Amulet Externally almost completely copies the Spanish liftbek Seat Toledo 1991 sample. This is especially noticeable in the profile. But the front and rear of the car has changed somewhat, so similar to the progenitor was not so obvious.
Larger headlamps, other lighting fixtures in the back of a trendy round reflectors and updated bumper gave Chery (A15) Amulet of freshness and modernity. At the same time, none of the innovations did not spoil the design of the “old man” of Toledo, which often happens when copying manufacturers from China known European models. Amulets first on the market had a very unfortunate interior design: the quality of the materials left much to be desired, and a light beige tone upholstery were very impractical.
Subsequently, the automaker changed the materials and colors. Odors inherent in the first sample Chery Amulet, finally disappeared, and the materials are more pleasant to the touch. Free space in the cabin is enough – for both front and rear passengers. However, the driver’s seat is devoid of lateral support, while equipped with an easy and convenient adjustment over a wide range. The instrument panel, illuminated green unobtrusive, easy to read and very informative.
As an engine for Chery Amulet A15 offers the only petrol engine – licensed “Quartet” of 1.6 liters capacity of 96 hp Paired with a five-speed motor provides the mechanics of the car is quite decent dynamics and good high-torque. Base included ABS, power steering, air-conditioning, heated seats and cost about $6,800. Pay another 50,000 you could get a car with two airbags, full power accessories, MP3 player with six speakers and alloy wheels.