Chinese Landwind E36 copied front XRAY

The network has photos Landwind E36 – Chinese subcompact SUV, which appeared in front surprisingly similar model of Lada XRAY. Take a look at the pictures – craftsmen from China not only copied the corporate image of X-characteristic with chrome elements, but also fully loggerheads shape head optics and grille. By the way, on the side of the new Landwind E36 no brand and the car made the original feed. Note that this is not the first copy of the new-style frets, designed by Steve Mattin. A similar X-shaped front end design practice now and Mitsubishi. As for the vehicle concerned, the details of it is little known. That would be expected under the hood 1.5-liter petrol “four” power of 150 hp, and the drive will only forward. E36 models Sales in China will begin before the end of 2017, no pricing information. We note that in 2016, the company Landwind has become famous all over the world so that the design of X7 crossover was almost a complete copy of the premium Range Rover Evoque. Apparently, from our X-Ray only liked the Chinese before, and could very well lick the face of the whole.

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