Chinese brought to detroit concept without windows

What do the Chinese do at the Auto Show in Detroit? Of course, again promise a technological and inexpensive car. And the GAC company does this for the fifth year and even the Americans are used to it.

This year, GAC brought to the motor show in Detroit crossover concept, which was called Enverge. The car has a futuristic design and it looks more like a coupe. Distinctive feature: the absence of windows in the lifting doors of butterflies.

Representatives of the company said that under the hood is hiding an electric power plant, consisting of an electric motor with a capacity of 238 hp. and a battery pack with a capacity of 71 kilowatt-hours. The GAC says that before the “hundred” Enverge accelerates in 4.1 seconds, its maximum speed is 160 km/h, and the power reserve is almost 600 kilometers. And the concept has received “virtual reality technologies,” but to questions that this means the Chinese are mysteriously silent.

In the GAC they say that the concept will turn into a serial model at the end of next year, at the same time the company will enter the American market. However, last year, the GAC promised to start conquering America in 2018 with crossovers subbrand Trumpchi. Jokers attribute their refusal to the fact that the name of the machines is in tune with the name of the current US president.

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