Chinese company Wey, owned by the concern Great Wall, introduced the VV5 crossover. In terms of exterior design, the novelty was almost an exact copy of the older VV7 model, which debuted on the Chinese market in the spring of 2017. One can distinguish one model from another by another line of coupling bumpers with wings and the size of the windows in the rear pillars, which are slightly smaller on the VV5. There is also a slightly different plastic punching on the sidewalls, while the fuel filler neck is on the left, while in the older model it is on the right. It is noteworthy that the crossover Wey is available both in the usual VV5c and sporty VV5s versions, which differ from each other with bumpers, wheels, and spigots. As for the interior, then the VV5 has much in common with the VV7, while the younger model has a slightly different front panel design, as well as other door handles and armrests. In the interior trim, soft plastic and genuine leather predominate. In the base of the Wey VV5 has an analog instrument panel with a small display centered, and for a surcharge, you can order a digital device with a 12.3-inch display. Being built on the Haval H6 platform, the new Wey VV5 reaches a length of 4 462 mm, with its wheelbase of 2,680 mm. The car has a transverse engine arrangement and a rear independent suspension. In the motion, the front wheel drive produces a 2.0-liter turbo-quater, which, working in conjunction with a seven-step pre-selective robot, develops 197 hp. To accelerate from one place to a hundred models it takes about 9.0 seconds. In the list of equipment appear adaptive cruise control, a camera of a circular view, LED lights, a glass roof, electric front seats and much more. There is also a camera above the rear window, broadcasting a picture on the display in the rear-view mirror. The price of the new Wey VV5 in China will be approximately from 22 000 to 25 000 dollars. Information on the supply of SUV outside the Celestial Empire yet.