In China, began selling an updated Changan CS35 2018

In March 2017 in China, the premiere of the updated compact SUV of Changan CS35, which was redesigned exterior and interior.
Restyled crossover can be distinguished from the pre-reform machinery for the slightly modified bumpers, chrome grille, headlights and some form of a new rear lights. the car also received another trunk lid with a niche under license plate.
Salon updated Changan CS35 2018 has undergone a significant change. So, if Dorey style model information on the fuel level and coolant temperature is displayed by the arrow pointer, then the updated SUV this data is displayed on a large display that appears on the dashboard.
Squad car new climate control unit, where instead of the previous two rotating handles only one set. On top of the Chinese improved soundproofing interior and abandoned the customary inside door handles, replacing them with notches in the arms.
List available for Chang’an CS35 2018 equipment was extended. For SUV can be ordered now rearview camera and automatic parking system. As for the technical stuffing, there are no changes.
On the Chinese car market to buy is still with either a 1.6-liter atmospheric engine producing 125 forces, or with 156-horsepower turbo engine capacity of 1.5 liters. The first unit is available as a five-step mechanics, and a four-stage machine of Aisin, and the second – only with manual transmission.
In China Changan CS35 updated in 2018 has already appeared in the showrooms of dealers. Price SUV there ranges from 80 to 104 million yuan (from $11,700 to $15,400). Will there be a restyled version is the question, but if it happens, it will not soon.

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