Chevrolet presented the conceptual Colorado ZR2

At the auto show in Los Angeles 2014, Chevrolet has brought a concept version of the new pickup Colorado 2, to get to the title prefix ZR2. Unlike the original, this version is better equipped to ride on the road.At pickup adjusted front and rear, which helped to increase the angle of entry/exit. In the production version (Z71), they are 25 and 21 degrees, and the prototype – 30.7 and 22.7 deg., Respectively. Furthermore, the vehicle was 100 mm wider, and its ground clearance is increased by 50 millimeters. Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Concept got a new diesel engine, working together with a dedicated six automatic transmission. Now, the movement causes the pickup 2.8-liter engine family Duramax, issuing 183 hp and 500 Nm. Not without the appropriate equipment. Pick equipped with 18-inch wheels and 275/65 tires dimension that is much better suited to the original conquest of off-road, and in front there was a towing loop. Among other features of the model are worth mentioning King dampers with increased speed, full-size spare wheel (located in the cargo area) and 121-inch rack and pinion jack. Recall that earlier (in September 2014), Chevrolet also unveiled a prototype Colorado Sport. The key features of the version are mounting system large-sized objects, stabilizer bar, as well as 21-inch wheels.

foto-colorado-zr2_03 foto-colorado-zr2_02 foto-colorado-zr2_01

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