New Chevrolet Colorado (2) 2016, prices and equipment

The US has always been considered the main consumers of cars in the back of a pickup. More surprising that the new, native American Chevrolet Colorado 2 generation is presented in 60 markets around the world, but the official home deliveries are planned. The main production trends established in Thailand, where the actual and the world premiere of the new Chevrolet Colorado 2013. And that Thai GM dealers received the first complete machine.

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Customers may choose to pick one of the 26 available modifications, which include the ability to select the cab configurations, dimensions, and the type of drive – full or back. The motor range for Chevrolet Colorado 2 two new Duramax turbo diesel engine capacity of 2.8 liters (180 hp and 470 Nm) and 2.5-liter (150 hp and 350 Nm).



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