Chevrolet Camaro SC610 from tuning studio Callaway

The US company Callaway, specializing in tuning car brand Chevrolet, presented his version of the Camaro coupe of the new generation. The technology, dubbed SC610, is based on the modification of the SS, which is equipped with a 6.2-liter V8 engine 461 hp (617 Nm). The last working or paired with a six-speed mechanics or with eight-speed machine. Experts of studio have been able to increase the return compartment of the motor right up to 618 “horses” and 827 Nm of torque. To achieve this they succeeded by installing a firm mechanical supercharger, developed specially for “charged” Corvettes. In addition, the coupe has received a triple intercooler, intake system cold and reprogram the engine control unit. Dynamic Performance Chevrolet Camaro SC610 were not disclosed, but the car will definitely be faster than the base version of the SS-that is to accelerate from zero to hundreds of 4.0 seconds is required. Externally, Chevrolet Camaro from Kallavey different from the original model just redesigned hood with cut-out body intercooler, as well as the presence of Callaway nameplates and aft wings. The saloon car appeared sill, branded floor mats and with company name. Turning to the Callaway company, the customer can order this set of improvements for $ 16,995, or buy a ready-made vehicle for 54,400 dollars.

foto-callaway-sc610_02 foto-callaway-sc610_01 foto-callaway-sc610_03

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